Online Services

Assessor Data Files
Access Assessor data in a Microsoft database derived from the La Plata County Assessor's property information system.

Agricultural Application
Apply for agricultural classification.

Contact Us
Questions?  Contact us.

Electronic Notice of Valuation
Sign up to receive your Notice of Valuation by email.

GIS Mapping Site
Use the GIS online mapping system.

Peace Officer Information Sheet
Remove personal internet information.

Personal Property Online Filing
File your personal property declaration online.

Property Records Search
Search property data by address, owner, parcel, account number, location and value.

Property Sales Search
Search for property sales.

Protest Valuation
If the Notice of Valuation reflects a value you disagree with you can initiate a protest online.  (This is only available from May 1 - Jun 1 for Real Property and June 15 - June 30 for Personal Property).

Qualified County Sales - Vacant
Access a list of vacant sales from 7/1/2012 through 6/30/2014.

Qualified County Sales - Improved
Access a list of improved sales from 7/1/2012 through 6/30/2014.

Update Mailing Address
Authorize the Assessor's Office to change the mailing address for your property.

Economic Area MapResidential Sales Arranged by Economic Area & Commercial Sales
2014-2016 comparable sales organized by economic area
and searchable with "Ctrl F" on the keyboard.