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The County Assessor is responsible for valuing all real and personal property, including mobile homes, residential, commercial properties, oil and gas, and agricultural land for property tax purposes. The Assessor determines the equitable value of property to ensure that each tax payer pays only his or her fair share of the taxes.  The Assessor strives to ensure property ownership and land configurations are current, correct and that the proper person receives Notices of Value and the property tax bill.

Anyone who disagrees with changes in the actual value of real property can object or file a protest with the Assessor in May.

Database of all properties in La Plata County

Personal Property
Information regarding the valuation of Personal Property

A detailed look at annual valuation reports

Property Valuation & Protest Process

General Colorado Assessment Calendar

Applications and forms

Letters to the editor and public pulses

Power Points and Videos

Abatement Procedures
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    At a Glance

    Craig N. Larson–County Assessor

    Contact Information

    1101 E 2nd Ave, Suite A
    Durango, CO  81301(map)

    P: 970-382-6221
    F: 970-382-6237

    Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Monday to Friday

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