Plumeless Thistle

Plumeless thistle (Carduus acanthoides L.)

Plumelessthistle is a member of the Aster family, Thistle tribe. It is anintroduced winter annual or biennial. This plant can be distinguishedfrom musk thistle by its smaller flowers - ½ to 1 inch in diameter.

The leaves of plumeless thistle lack the prominent white marginpresent on musk thistle leaves. The plant may grow to a height of 5 feetor more. Flowers are reddish-purple and are either solitary orclustered. Taproots are large and fleshy.

Plumeless thistle is an extremely prolific seed producer. It is foundin pastures, river valleys, and along roadsides. It is rapidlyincreasing in this state, particularly in northwestern Colorado (Pitkin,Garfield, Gunnison, and Eagle Counties).

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Plumeless profile
Plumeless flower