Fire Restrictions

Fire Restrictions

There are no fire restrictions in place for the unincorporated area of La Plata County and all lands owned by La Plata County.

The fire chiefs and the Sheriff, acting as the fire marshal, consider the below 10 fire restriction criteria when making recommendations as to whether the fire restrictions should be in place.  These criteria include: 

1. Measured thousand-hour fuel moisture content is 12% or less.

2. Seasonal energy release component is above the 80th percentile.

3. Three-day mean burning index is above the 80th percentile.

4. Ignition component is 80 percent or above.

5. Fire danger rating adjective class is VERY HIGH or EXTREME.

6. Fire occurrence is impacting available suppression resources making adequate initial attack difficult.

7. Local area preparedness level is 3 or above.

8. Local area is receiving a high occurrence of fires and human-caused risk is expected to increase.

9. Adverse fire weather conditions and risks are predicted to continue.

10. Implementation of existing fire restrictions is not adequately reducing human-caused fires.

The guidelines for Stage III are seven or more conditions, Stage II is four to six of the above conditions and Stage I is three or fewer. 

During these exceptional drought conditions, emergency notifications regarding fire and other incidents can provide citizens with critical information. Sign up for CodeRED to receive evacuation notices and other updates via cell phone or email: