Medical Marijuana

On November 7, 2000, Colorado Voters passed Amendment 20, which amended the Colorado Constitution by decriminalizing the personal cultivation, possession and use of medical marijuana by patients who possess written documentation from their physician affirming that they suffer from a debilitating condition.

Medical Marijuana Establishments (Licensed Businesses): State regulations for medical marijuana licensing can be found at Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Marijuana Enforcement website.

On December 8, 2015, the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance No. O-2015-01, approving Code amendments to Chapter 7 of the La Plata County Code.  Pursuant to State law, the Ordinance became effective on January 11, 2016. Under the amended Code, individuals may apply for licenses for medical marijuana optional premises cultivation operations, medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing facilities and medical marijuana centers.  The County’s amended licensing regulations apply to all new applications for medical marijuana business licenses.  A copy of the new regulations can be found below.

Chapter 7, Article I – Medical Marijuana Licensing Regulations (effective January 11, 2016)

Applications that had been filed and were pending as of January 11, 2016 remain subject to the regulations that were in effect prior to that date.

Individuals wishing to apply for a license to operate a medical marijuana business must submit an application and checklist with our local licensing authority.  The licensing authority is a three-person panel that reviews and either approves or denies applications based on criteria set forth in La Plata County's Medical Marijuana Licensing Regulations.  To set up a pre-application meeting, please contact the Building Department at (970) 382-6250.

Conversion of Existing Medical Marijuana Optional Premises Cultivation Licenses

On February 11, 2014, the Board of County Commissioners adopted resolutions allowing medical marijuana optional premises cultivation licensees who were licensed by the County on or before December 31, 2013, to apply to convert part or all of their cultivation operations to retail marijuana cultivation facilities.  Resolution No. 2014-15 covers licensing regulations.  Current medical marijuana licensees who wish to apply to convert part or all of their operations to retail marijuana cultivation facilities, should contact the Building Department for a pre-application meeting at(970) 382-6250.   Reminder: All applications for a license to operate a retail marijuana cultivation facility must begin at the State level (La Plata County can only accept initial applications forwarded from the State of Colorado).