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Concealed Weapons Permit: How do I apply?

How do I go about getting a Concealed Weapon permit (CCW)?

In order to obtain a concealed weapons permit, you must first obtain and complete the proper application from the La Plata County Sheriff's Office. Upon application, you must present a valid picture ID, such as a driver's license, military ID, or passport, proof of training,  give a fingerprint sample, and include 2 processing fees. One must be a money order in the amount of $52.50 made out to CBI and the other is a $60 fee payable to the Sheriff's Office. These fees are non-refundable regardless of whether your application is approved or denied.

Applications are accepted on Wednesday between 9-11 or 1-3:30 when we do fingerprinting.

The Sheriff's Office conducts a detailed investigation of your criminal and general background. as well as your need to carry a weapon. The Sheriff’s Office will notify you when final status has been reached on your application. The permit is good for 5 years, and it will automatically expire unless renewed. A renewal fee is required and a background inquiry will again be done.

For more information, or to apply for a permit, contact the La Plata County Sheriff's Office main offices, located at 742 Turner Dr., between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or call 247-1157.

To learn more about applying for a Concealed Weapons permit, and to find the required forms, please visit our Concealed Weapon's Page.

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