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Changes to a police report - How can I drop charges against someone, make additions to a police report, or correct errors on a report?

To make changes, corrections or additions to a police report, contact the officer who took the report.  If that is impossible, you may contact the appropriate law enforcement agency to request that a supplemental report be made. 

Many people believe a victim of crime has the power to “press charges” and “drop the charges” against the defendant.  The State of Colorado is pressing charges against the Defendant, not the victim.  The decision to drop charges in any criminal prosecution can only be made by the prosecutor and approved by the judge.  The victim’s wishes will be considered but the final decision of whether or not the charges will be filed or dismissed rests with the District Attorney’s Office.  If you would like to discuss your case, you should contact the deputy district attorney assigned your case and arrange a meeting between you, the prosecutor and an investigator.

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