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FAQs - Engineering

When are permits required to work within the county road right-of-way?

La Plata County issues permits for ANY construction activities within the La Plata County right-of-way. This includes all public drainage easements, rights-of-way and roads, whether gravel or paved, under the control and jurisdiction of La Plata County.

Can I build the driveway access myself?

Yes. However, the bonding requirement mentioned above applies to work done by the property owner as well as work done by a contractor.

How long does it take to get approval on my driveway access or excavation within the right-of-way permits?

In La Plata County, most permits are processed within three to seven days.

An initial inspection is performed to address adequate sight distance, drainage requirements, access surfacing and grade, setback regulations, and any other concerns specific to your property.

How much does the driveway access permit cost?

The fee for an access permit is $100.00.

Do I need any additional permits to move a mobile home on County roads?

Yes a Special Transport Permit is required if the mobile home is over 81/2 feet in width.

Can I get an access permit before I apply for a building permit?

Yes. Access permits are frequently issued prior to a building permit being requested. Because an access permit is often a requirement for getting a building permit, retaining your copy of the access permit is very important to avoid being charged for another one.  Also at the time the access permit is approved, an address will be assigned.

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