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The main functions of the County Treasurer's Office are to collect taxes and disburse them to the appropriate taxing districts and to maintain and invest the County's financial resources. There are 26 special districts, 1 city, 2 towns, and 3 school districts in La Plata County, each with its own mill levy. The Treasurer's Office sends out tax notices to each real and personal property owner in La Plata County on an annual basis. As taxes are paid, the Treasurer's Office then allocates the tax revenue to the taxing entities based on their respective mill levies.

As the custodian of County funds, the Treasurer invests with the objectives of legality, safety, liquidity and yield in mind. The Treasurer applies the "prudent investor" rule to manage the County's portfolio (i.e., investments are made with judgment and care, not for speculation but for investment, considering the probable safety of the County's financial resources as well as the income that can be derived). The Treasurer maintains a diverse portfolio consisting of certificates of deposit, money market accounts, government securities and other acceptable investments under Colorado law.

2015 Tax Lien Sale Results and Analysis


La Plata County Treasurer Welcomes New Deputy Treasurer

Ryan Hagin joins the La Plata County Treasurer’s Office as the new Deputy Treasurer. Hagin has a BA and an MBA in Finance, both from the University of New Mexico.  He is a Certified Management Accountant, comparable to a CPA.  He holds a “green belt” in Six Sigma, a process improvement methodology based in statistics and finance.  His most recent role, at LinQuest, a military communications contractor, has been as a satellite intelligence cost accountant. He has also been a tax examiner for the State of New Mexico. In his new role at the Treasurer’s Office, he will be in charge of improving cash management operations.

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