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Sheriff 's Office


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For Non Emergencies:

  • Central Dispatch,   970-385-2900

  • Detention Facility,  970-247-1161

The La Plata County Sheriff's Office is the front line provider of emergency peacekeeping and criminal investigation services for over 50,000 citizens of La Plata County.

The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office is the largest law enforcement agency in Southwestern Colorado. The La Plata County Sheriff's Office is a medium-sized agency of one hundred thirty one (131) employees. There are six (6) Divisions: Detentions, Public Safety, Special Services, Alternatives to Incarceration, Investigations and the Special Investigations Unit.


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The La Plata County 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone Service Association has submitted an application to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission for approval to increase the monthly surcharge for 9-1-1 services from seventy cents ($.70) to one dollar and thirty cents ($1.30). Please click on the following link to view the Public Notice and for more


Civil Paper Service


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Sheriff Sean Smith assumed the duties of Sheriff on January 13, 2015. Prior to that, Sheriff Smith spent 13 years as a Deputy Sheriff. He has served as a Law Enforcement Coordinator for the U.S. Department of Justice, a Lieutenant for the La Plata County Sheriff's Office, a Human Services Case Manager, a Corrections Officer, and is a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm

Alternatives to Incarceration

The La Plata County Alternative to Incarceration Division provides the criminal justice community with alternatives to incarceration for selected non-violent misdemeanor offenders through strict community supervision and structured reintegration services.

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Unit is charged with investigating criminal activity, supplying information to the district attorney's office and assisting that office during the prosecution phase including courtroom testimony and presentation. They provide technical crime scene expertise, and work to prevent new offenses, working with other law enforcement agencies to investigate and suppress criminal activities.


The Sheriff's Office operates the largest detention facility in Southwest Colorado with a capacity for two hundred ninety three (293) inmates.

Public Safety

The Mission of the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Division is to protect life and property, and to provide equal justice to all. The Public Safety Division employs twenty-nine (29) certified Sheriff's deputies and serves and area of almost 1800 square miles.

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit of the La Plata County Sheriff's office provides investigation for the discovery, control and prosecution of criminal cases and pro-actively suppress offenses related to vice, narcotics, and organized crime.


Special Services




The Special Services Division of the La Plata County Sheriff's Office provides prisoner transport and extraditions, offers educational and role model programs to reduce drug use, runs the School Resource Officer program, provides security to the courts and courthouse, manages the Reserve Deputy Bureau, coordinates training, supplies public information and the Civil Paper Service and supplies special needs in various emergencies.


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