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4-H is open to urban and rural youth ages 5 to 19. More than 300 La Plata County youth participate in local club, county, state and national activities. Members acquire life skills by working with individual projects and in club activities.

Enrollment is now OPEN for the 2015-2016 4-H Year.
If you are interested in joining, please contact the Extension Office at 970-382-6465 or by email.

2015 La Plata County Fair Information and Fair Book - 2016 Fair Dates: August 10th to 14th

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Monthly  Newsletters - HUBS

January 2016 HUBS


4-H Information and Enrollment Forms:

**Returning Members can register at https://colorado.4honline.com  ** Click here for step by step instructions on registering online.


2015-2016 LIVESTOCK RECORD BOOKS & Guide Books

These record books are for all Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goat, Poultry, & Rabbit projects.
These record books are different than the State 4-H issued ones, so please only use these.

NEW 4-H APP for Apple devices!!! This App will help you keep track of your costs, income & activities for your animal project https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/4-h-livestock-record/id898568078?mt=8


****Be sure to download the Guide Book as well****

How to Write S.M.A.R.T. Goals

***All Livestock, Horse, Dog, and Community Service Record Books are Due the week of July 25th  - 29th, 2016. The deadline is 5:00pm on Friday July 29th.




Breeding Supplements - for Junior, Intermediate & Senior (documents to be added no later than March 1)

  • Breeding Beef Record (word) (PDF)
  • Dairy Cow Record (word) (PDF)
  • Ewe Record (word) (PDF)
  • Breeding Goat (word) (PDF)
  • Dairy Goat (word) (PDF)
  • Angora Goats (word) (PDF)
  • Cashmere Goats (word) (PDF)
  • Utility Goat (word) (PDF)
  • Individual Rabbit - Buck (word) (PDF)
  • Individual Rabbit - Doe  (word) (PDF)
  • Individual Rabbit - Litter (word) (PDF)
  • Poultry Egg Production Record (word) (PDF)
  • Sow Record (word) (PDF)

Horse Record Books & Information

  • La Plata County 4-H Horse Project Guidelines for Completion and Important Dates of Events - Coming Soon

Horse Project - Important Dates & Entry Forms

Horse Certificates are due on 4honline by June 1st at 5:00 pm
Instructions on how to update the Horse Certificate online.

Horse Safety Test - Due by June 1st at 5:00 pm

Dog Record Book & Info.

*****Dog project members are required to update a Dog Certificate online by May 1, 2016*****
Instructions on how to update a Dog Certificate online

Companion Animal

Family and Consumer Science Projects:

Project Expense and Income/Value
Family Consumer Science e-Record User's Guide


General/Natural Resources- Record Books and Project Informatio

Project Expense and Income/Value
General / Natural Resources e-Record User's Guide


Welding Project

***The Welding Project has been revamped for the 2015-2016 4-H year! We have changed the record book and added Weld and Safety Questions for each Unit. All record books must have the appropriate unit questions included.


Self-Determine - County Project e-Record

Colorado 4-H Exhibit Requirements

Colorado 4-H Contest Requirements


Fair Project Letters - Coming July 2016

  • Livestock Project Letter
  • Horse Project Letter
  • Dog Project Letter
  • General/Natural Resource & Family Consumer Science Project Letter
    Project Board Guidelines & Tips

Monthly Newsletters

2016 HUBS

2015 HUBS



Additional information on the 4-H program is also available at www.colorado4h.org.

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