Weigh in on multi-event center master plan survey!

Weigh in on multi-event center master plan survey!
Posted on 03/03/2017
La Plata County is crafting a master plan for a multi-event center on La Plata Mesa. Please share your thoughts on this exciting opportunity!

A generous local benefactor has offered to donate to La Plata County approximately 200 acres on the property that has been known as Ewing Mesa to develop a multi-event center. The mesa provides an exciting new location for the La Plata County Fairgrounds and related amenities to create a regional community hub.

The multi-event center will provide trail access for all non-motorized users, outdoor venues for a variety of recreational activities, and serve as an educational and cultural center.

The multi-event center will be located within the 800-acre site that will be developed as Durango Mesa Park.

Weigh in

Please take a few minutes to complete a survey on the multi-event center master plan! Community input is vital to shaping this project for La Plata County's future.

More information

To learn more about the master planning process for the future multi-event center on La Plata Mesa, visit www.laplatamesaplan.com.