Recreational/Retail Marijuana License

On November 6, 2012, the voters of Colorado passed Amendment 64, which amended the Colorado Constitution by decriminalizing the personal cultivation, possession and use of recreational marijuana by persons 21 years or older and regulating it in a similar manner as alcohol. 

Amendment 64 does not alter the existing medical marijuana regulatory framework in Colorado.

Retail Marijuana Establishments (Licensed Businesses):  Amendment 64 authorizes the State and local jurisdictions to adopt a regulatory scheme to regulate the retail sale of marijuana. State regulations for recreational marijuana licensing can be found at Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Marijuana Enforcement website.

On December 8, 2015, the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance No. O-2015-01, approving code amendments to Chapter 7 of the La Plata County Code.  Pursuant to State law, the ordinance became effective on January 11, 2016.  Individuals may apply for licenses for retail marijuana stores, retail marijuana cultivation facilities, retail marijuana products manufacturing facilities and retail marijuana testing facilities.  A copy of the new regulations can be found below.

Chapter 7, Article III – Retail Marijuana Licensing Regulations - Effective January 11, 2016

Applications that had been filed and were pending as of January 11, 2016 remain subject to the regulations that were in effect prior to that date.

Reminder:  Pursuant to State law, all applications for a license to operate a retail marijuana establishment must begin at the State level (La Plata County can only accept initial applications forwarded from the State of Colorado).

Individuals wishing to apply for a license to operate a retail marijuana establishment must submit a supplemental application and checklist with our local licensing authority. The licensing authority is a three-person panel that reviews and either approves or denies applications based on criteria set forth in La Plata County’s Retail Marijuana Licensing Regulations.  To set up a pre-application meeting, please contact the Building Department at (970)382-6250.