Dame’s rocket

Dame's rocketDame’srocket, also known as Dame’s Violet, is sold occasionally by localnurseries, and is found in “wildflower” seed mixes. This persistentplant has escaped cultivation and become a problem throughout Colorado,including the Boulder foothills area and the Roaring Fork Valley ofwestern Colorado. This native of Europe may be from 1½ to four feettall, with flowers ranging in color from pink to purple. A member of theMustard family, Dame’s rocket flowers from April through July. Dame’srocket tends to invade riparian and wetland habitat. There are manyalternatives to planting Dame’s rocket, including Blue Columbine(Aquilegia caerulea) and Lavender Native Bee Balm (Monarda fistulosamentaefolia).

dames rocket

dames rocket leaves

dames rocket flowers