Asset of the Month

Asset of the Month Project

La Plata Children, Youth and Family Master Plan (CYFMP) Community Partners

TheDevelopmental Assets are 40 research-based, positive qualitiesthat influence young people’s development, helping them becomecaring, responsible, and productive adults. Based in youthdevelopment, resiliency, and prevention research, theDevelopmental Assets framework has proven to be effective andhas become the most widely used approach to positive youthdevelopment in the United States and, increasingly, aroundthe world.” (

 TheChildren, Youth and Family Master Plan (CYFMP) utilizes theDevelopmental Assets Survey as a periodic measure for how well ouragencies and families are providing asset-rich supports, servicesand opportunities for La Plata County youth. The CYFMP alsoteaches our community about the assets and how to utilizethem in program development, parenting and in our dailylives.

Please join our community partners in promotingthe Assets framework, by placing the following “Asset of theMonth” in your newsletters, communications and interactionswith youth and families. For a full list of the 40 Assets goto: