Radon Levels in Homes in La Plata County and within Durango City Limits

Due to the nature of the soil in this county, our homes are at higher risk to have elevated Radon.  If Radon level in your home is greater than 4pCi/L, EPA recommends mitigation.  Elevated Radon is the number 2 cause of lung cancer.  Attend session to learn about Radon in our community,what it is, and what to do.  Free Screening kits available to participants of classes.

Classes will be held in winter 2018

Testing for Radon in Colorado Child Care Facilities

    Childcare facilities in Colorado must now test their buildings for radon.  As of last November, Colorado Board of Health gave existing facilities 18 months to test for the cancer-causing chemical, Radon.   New facilities must test within their first six months of operation. 
    Their goal is to raise awareness about radon, to understand what the levels look like in existing childcare facilities and to work with facilities with elevated levels.

    Radon is a natural occurring molecule that enters buildings from the soil as a decay produce from shale and granite. It is the primary cause of lung cancer in the U.S. for never smokers (16% of lung cancer is radon induced). It is preventable.
     To help local facilities with compliance and test kits, Colorado State University Extension will offer a presentation to help local facilities comply as well as provide free test kits for those in attendance.

When: Winter 2018
Where:  La Plata County Fairgrounds
Who: a representative of each facility