Family & Consumer Science

Family & Consumer Science


The Family and Consumer Sciences program offers classes on nutrition, disease prevention, money management, and food preservation/food safety. 

Below, we have a list of our offered programs.  For additional programming needs or information on any of the following programs, call Wendy Rice, R.D. at 970-382-6461 or by using the contact form.  

Strong Women- Healthy Hearts

Heart Health Program for Women!

Did you know that one in 3 adult women have Cardiovascular disease?

Sweating. Pressure. Nausea. Jaw pain, general tiredness, sleeplessness.  Every have any of these symptoms…Did you realize that these can be symptoms of a woman’s heart attack in women that might be brushed off as flu, stress or simply feeling under the weather.  Ignoring symptoms could put your life in jeopardy. Chest pain is often not a symptom for women.  In fact, symptoms and treatment can be quite different between women and men.  Did you know that twenty six percent of women age 45 and over die within one year of a first recognized heart attack compared to 19 percent of men. Twenty two percent of women aged 45-64 who survive a heart attack will experience a second one within five years compared to 15 percent of men. Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year – more than all cancers combined. With education and action, eighty percent of cardiac and stroke events can be prevented. 

Women who consider themselves healthy can often misdiagnose the symptoms of a heart attack because they don’t think it could happen to them or they are busy caretaking family members. Young, midlife or senior, it can happen to any of us.  It is crucial to learn about heart disease and stroke, prevention hinges on this.  Know what your numbers mean as well as the risk factors of heart disease and understand a heart-healthy lifestyle.

StrongWomen Healthy Heart was developed for that very reason- to help us understand the heart healthy lifestyle and be aware of risk factors.  This curriculum was designed for and most effective for midlife women (aged 40 and up). Colorado State University Extension is again offering this twelve week curriculum as an excellent opportunity to take time to improve your health and understand prevention.

The series will consist of moderate physical activity, health and nutrition discussion as well as recipe tryouts during the two hourly sessions weekly. Guest Speakers will be included at various times as well.   As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Wendy will lead the class while sharing research based information as recommended by American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and Academy of Dietetics/Nutrition.  The curriculum was developed by Tuft’s University (Boston) and trialed extensively by numerous university across the country.  The body composition analysis (start-up, midway and week 12) is intended to give tangible proof of progress for each participant. The class will be Mondays and Wednesdays, Feb. 6th to April 26th. 

For those interested, an informational meeting will be held to discuss the specifics of this program and answer your questions.  This will be held Thursday, January 26 5:30 pm Florida Room at Fairgrounds.    Please call 382-6465 to sign up for the informational session.


Radon Levels in Homes in La Plata County and within Durango City Limits

Due to the nature of the soil in this county, our homes are at higher risk to have elevated Radon.  If Radon level in your home is greater than 4pCi/L, EPA recommends mitigation.  Elevated Radon is the number 2 cause of lung cancer.  Attend session to learn about Radon in our community,what it is, and what to do.  Free Screening kits available to participants of classes.
Durango Radon Classes are held at the La Plata County Fairgrounds, Extension Building. PLEASE RSVP by calling 970-382-6465
- Thursday, Jan. 19th - 5:30 pm
- Wednesday, Jan. 25th - 5:30 pm

Pagosa Springs Radon Classes
- Tuesday, Jan. 24th - 10:30 am- Held at the Perish Hall
- Wednesday. Feb. 15th - 10:30 am - Held at the Archuleta Extension Building.

Bayfield Radon Classes held at the Bayfield Library
- Tuesday, Feb. 21st - 2:00 pm
- Tuesday, Feb. 28th - 6:00 pm

Call 382-6461 for more information.

Local Food Assistance Programs

Legally Secure Your Financial Future

Food Safety Works - Safe Food Handler Training

ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Training

Cottage Food Producers   

Cottage Food Class in Bayfield
When: February 18, 2017 - 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
Where: Pine River Library, 395 Bayfield Center Dr. Bayfield, CO
Cost: $30.00 per person
To Register: Call 970-884-2222

Money Talk: Women’s Financial Education Series. 

Home Energy Audit Loan (HEAL) Kit

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